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Frameless glass partitions

Al Rawaa is proud of its differentiated product line which also includes high end framless glass wall partitions.

Wall partitions are vacant for combination with a variety of offered systems.

Floor to ceiling glass partitions

We provide floor to ceiling glass partitions which are available in different custom oriented applications

  • Curved or straight applications
  • Single or double glazed

This type of glass partition offered by us are constructed from toughened glass panels with a combination of head and wall aluminium channels.



Free standing glass wall partitions

Al Rawaa also offers high end free standing glass wall partitions which are constructed with stainless steel components and toughened glass panels.

It would include junctions which are glass to glass and glass to solid.


Doors and entrances

Over the years, glass as a building material has been of up most importance in the construction industry, whether in commercial or residential buildings.

Al Rawaa’s frameless glass entrance doors are made of toughened glass panels which offer a combination of functionality and architectural design.

These picture perfect framelss glass provides enhancement of any surrounding by giving a sensation of more space and light. The glass provided for frameless door assemblies are toughened safety glass to ASTM standards.




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